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Any authors or publishers who wish to request a review, please read my Review Guidelines below and fill in the form.


  • This review submission is open for both published books and ARC copies.

  • If the submitted book is a part of a series and is not the first book in the series, I may still accept the request given that the previous books in the series are provided to me if I have not already read them.

  • I will leave a review on multiple platforms aside from this blog, including: Goodreads, Instagram and Amazon UK.

  • If you want to send me a hard copy I would be thrilled, but I also accept kindle copies. However I do not accept audiobooks or EPUB files at this time. For Ebook copies, I will request that you email the book directly to my kindle after I provide you with my email address.



I prefer books in the following genre:

Fantasy, Romance, Mysteries, Cozy Mysteries, Thrillers, Historical Fiction, YA and NA.

However, please feel free to request even if your book doesn’t fit in these categories. I do not read Erotica or Non-fiction.


Once I accepted the request, I will email you to discuss the type of ARC and delivery (whether digital or physical). After reading the book and writing my review, I will email you the links to the reviews.

Please be aware that is may take up to one month for me to read and review your book.


All of my reviews are my honest opinions. If you are not willing to receive an honest review (positive or negative) then please do not submit your book.

Please leave a link to either Amazon or Goodreads, as well as a blurb and a page count.
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