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August Challenge Day 1

Happy August!

Welcome to Bookish Chats, my book blog. You may be here because you saw my last post about reading 31 books in 31 days. If you didn't happen to see that one, I did explain my terms and my reasoning for doing this challenge, so do head over if you'd like to know.

So sadly, this challenge didn't get off to the best start; I've actually been in a reading slump for a few days. I did try to start reading a book I've been really looking forward to this morning, but just couldn't seem to concentrate.

But I started the manga series Akatsuki No Yona a couple of days ago for my bookish business (we have some customers who would like a collection inspired by this manga, but I refuse to do so without reading at least a few volumes first!) and so I decided to start Volume 2 - The Girl Standing In The Blush Of Dawn - today.

If I'm completely honest, I'm not a huge Manga reader. I read volume 1 of Sailor Moon last week too and that was the first time I had read manga properly. I just find it a little more confusing and the only experience I've really had with manga before was the stuff my little brother had mentioned, but the things he liked weren't really my kind of vibe.

But Akatsuki No Yona, as it turns out, is a historical romance! And I adore it!

If you have read any of my blogs before, you'll know I am a massive fan of historical fiction (and this was before Bridgerton came out - it started with my love for Mr Darcy and Pride and Prejudice), so I was delighted to find this out.

I have been flying through Akatsuki No Yona and loved this volume even more than I did the first volume, which was fantastic apart from the fact that the Princess (yes, it's a historical romance with a princess in it and I love it so deal with it) had a crush on her cousin which was kind of grim, but if you look past that little detail, it was great.

If you're like me - a complete manga newbie - and want to try and get started in manga, I would definitely tell you to just look for the right one. I tried Naruto, Haikyu and even more popular ones until I found this one. Even Sailor Moon wasn't my kind of vibe, but finally I've found the right one and hopefully I'll be able to find even more that I love!

So, while I thought August had gotten off to a bad start this morning, being unable to focus on my book and all, it turns out it went well.

As for tomorrow, I'm hoping to read my advanced copy of A Magic Steeped in Poison, because I've been looking forward to reading this since last year and have been completely freaking out since I received an advanced copy of it (I mean... it's a magic system based on tea, how can you not want to read it?!) but like I said, I'm a total mood reader so you just never know how I'm going to go.

Have you read this manga? Or any that are similar? Or even any others? Please let me know! And feel free to join me in this challenge! We can all get through our tbrs together.

Thanks for reading and keeping up with this challenge.

Keep out for the next update tomorrow!

Maya xx

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