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August Challenge Day 3


Welcome to the third update of this challenge - I hope you've been having a good day so far.

If you read yesterday's update, you'll know I'm a day behind already - oops! It's currently Thursday 4th August as I'm writing this, and I'm not even halfway through book 3. Like I said, technically this is book 4 because of that manga that I read, but I don't want to count it because then this would probably end up being 31 days of manga.

So I thought, before I continue reading, that I would update you on how yesterday went.

As you may remember, I had planned to chill out with a middle grade book and some Stardew Valley because I was tired and a little emotional. Well, that's what I did, only I played a lot more Stardew Valley than I did read and I was so knackered that I fell asleep a lot earlier than usual.

But that's alright :)

The book I am reading right now is Alex Neptune, Dragon thief!

This is the Waterstones Children's book of the month for August and so far it looks like a cute, easy-to-read and entertaining book that I'll find myself flying through before the morning is even over.

It's giving me Percy Jackson vibes in a way, but it's also quite funny and lighthearted. Hopefully, I'll continue to enjoy it.

I'll be back soon (hopefully) to update you on my progress!

Okay, so I lied. It's now Thursday evening and I only just finished reading Alex Neptune. Oops.

So I guess I'm still a book behind, but hopefully I'll catch up eventually. I ended up spending a lot of today editing Drako's Fire (the sequel to my debut Asyra's Call) and I was just enjoying myself too much to stop. Plus, I'm going on holiday in just over a week and I want to have this round of edits finished by then so I can send this draft to my beta reader.

Anyway, enough about Drako's Fire.

I quite enjoyed Alex Neptune. It was funny and still filled with adventure and magic. Of course, I am not the target audience for this book, but I do think younger kids would love this (maybe 6 or 7 year olds, especially) and it's definitely one I'll be giving to my nephew when he's a few years older.

As for the 4th book of this challenge, I just received an advanced copy of Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid and I really want to read it. So I think I might start it this evening and then aim to finish it tomorrow afternoon and start another book straight after and hopefully make up for the book I missed like that. Eventually (hopefully) I'll end up catching up slowly but surely.

I hope you enjoyed today's update.

Once again, thank you for reading and joining me on this journey. I hope you're doing well :)

Maya xx

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