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Book Buying Bans!

So the other day, I counted exactly how many books are on my shelf.

91 is the answer.

Then I decided (foolishly) to count how many of them I had actually read.


So, of course, this means I have to go on a book buying ban. I mean seriously I haven't even read almost half of the books on my shelf. And I didn't even count all of the unread books sitting in my Kindle library!

I know, book buying and reading are definitely two different hobbies but, believe it or not, I do actually buy these books with the intention of reading them!!

So here's my plan: I have to read at least 50 of the books on my shelf before I buy anymore. I probably shouldn't let myself buy anymore until I've finished all 91, but let's be honest that's just not going to happen.

Yesterday I walked past a Waterstones and it took everything in me not to buy anything. I thought to myself:

- Maya, those two books that you really wanted are 'buy one, get one half price' so you'd be stupid to pass that up.

But then I realised that that's what I tell myself every single time. Anybody else do that?

In all fairness, I do buy a lot of my books second hand and in charity shops, but sometimes I can't resist a little trip to Waterstones, you know?

Anyway, here are some of the books I plan to read to get to 50:

The Cruel Prince

The Gilded Ones

Witches Steeped in Gold


The Midnight Library

Daisy Jones and The Six

A Monster Calls

This is Going to Hurt


The Switch

The House Share

Ace of Spades

One of Us is Next

Billy and Me

If you've read any of them, please let me know in the comments - I would love to hear your thoughts!

And anybody else struggling with a book buying ban like I am, we can do it!!

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